[CentOS-devel] Sync-Up-summary august 14th 2013

Fri Aug 16 09:32:57 UTC 2013
Christoph Galuschka <christoph.galuschka at chello.at>


the major topics have been:
- forummigration: so far on test instances looking good, import work mostly
completed, some DB and VM tuning still to do. A dedicated eMail will be setup to
get in contact with in case of outdated email-accounts. Current ETA for the new
forum in september.
- blog: will be depending in the site move
- t_functional: some more tests and fixes made their way into git over the last
few weeks. Most instability issues with the tests are from various network
related issues. freeipa tests will only use on VM, so no further outside

I hope I didn't miss anything important.

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