[CentOS-devel] Input for CentOS7

Joshua Thijssen jthijssen at noxlogic.nl
Thu Dec 19 18:53:02 UTC 2013

Christoph Galuschka wrote:
> help there is certainly welcome. The tests currently are primary for
>  C5/C6, and some will need tweaking for C7. First might be to
> allready define those packages which need TM changes.
Is there any info on how to do this?

> Second might be to modify tests so they also work on 7b1 (and still 
> work on C5/C6). Identifying  those tests which allready work on 7b1 
> would also help.
I think that should not be a big problem. This is just a matter of
running t_functional on a 7b1 machine, and possible add more tests to
more packages?

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