[CentOS-devel] Adding community PostgreSQL RPMs to CentOS repositories.

Tue Dec 17 20:58:30 UTC 2013
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 12/17/2013 02:12 PM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Hi Devrim,
> On 12/17/2013 11:59 AM, Devrim GÜNDÜZ wrote:
>> So, how would you like to proceed? The SVN repo is open to public, and
>> all you will need to do is pulling them and building the packages on
>> CentOS servers.
> Can you point me at the svn repo ? let me try and script something up to
> track it and get some testing rpms into dev.c.o
> happy to see this make progress,
> - KB

I would point out that there is postgresql92 in SCL

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