[CentOS-devel] Input for CentOS7

Thu Dec 19 18:40:56 UTC 2013
Christoph Galuschka <tigalch at tigalch.org>

Am 19.12.2013 19:29, schrieb Joshua Thijssen:

> I'm seeing some info at http://seven.centos.org/ about t_functional, but
> i'm not sure if that is the place where help would be welcome, and if
> so, how to proceed to be honest.
> gr,
> josh


help there is certainly welcome. The tests currently are primary for 
C5/C6, and some will need tweaking for C7. First might be to allready 
define those packages which need TM changes. Second might be to modify 
tests so they also work on 7b1 (and still work on C5/C6). Identifying 
those tests which allready work on 7b1 would also help.

And of course adding add. tests is also a good idea :)


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