[CentOS-devel] rpm and ls.do issues

Oleg Tsarev

oleg at oleg.sh
Mon Feb 25 07:40:08 UTC 2013

Hi everybody,

I am sorry if my question simple and well-known.
After several hours investigating man-pages, google and books I did not
found answer to my question.

Short version of question: Does rpm update ld.so config files after/during
install rpm package with so-files?

Longer version of question.

Our software (to some reasons) uses boost 1.46.1 under CentOS 6.3. We can
not downgrade to lower version of boost to some reasons, most important -
we support also Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and really do not want
develop/test/support two version of product with different boost versions.

We built related boost packages, put their to our repository, and
everything works fine.
Unfortunately, one customer use boost 1.41 version in some internal
software from official CentOS repository, and customer can not use together
our software and his internal software.

We decided rename our "boost" packages to "product_name-boost-*" and move
library files from /usr/lib64 to /opt/product_name/version/lib (path
/opt/product_name/version we use for our internal software).
I rebuilt boost packages, everything works fine.

The question which I try to understand: do we need update LD_LIBRARY_PATH
for our binaries? As far I can see, ldd show correct pathes to boost.
I do not understand well, how exactly works rpm in this moment, and what
the best solution:
1) find way to have together boost 1.41 and 1.46.1 without package renames
(which problem we can meet? how "yum remove boost*" would works? how to
remove specific version of boost? etc)
2) rename packages from "boost* to "product_name-boost-*" and do not change
path from /usr/lib64
3) rename packages from "boost*" to "product_name-boost-*" and change
install pathes for libraries/include to /opt/product_name/version/...
4) (3) + setup LD_LIBRARY_PATH for every our binary

I hope to your advices, links, help.

Thank you very much, Oleg
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