[CentOS-devel] MariaDB now available for Testing on CentOS-6

James Hogarth

james.hogarth at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 17:12:45 UTC 2013

> Where do you see this ? Also where do you see the EPEL policy change
> that allows them to ship things that over write base packages ?

I'm on my tablet and and about but if you search mariadb on koji you can
see (and download) packages now.

They aren't overwriting - but they will conflict with mysql if you choose
to install them.

On the bugzilla entry Horza talks about testing a 5.1->5.5 upgrade using
them on EL platforms which seems interesting in and of itself... But
regardless of that they will still be built for EPEL and have RH
maintainers (horza and tom lane handling it).
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