[CentOS-devel] CetOS-6.4 via 6.3/cr

Karanbir Singh

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Wed Feb 27 22:07:58 UTC 2013


By now most people would have seen or atleast have spotted the 6.3/cr/
repos are populated and updates there announced to the cr-announce list.

6.4 is a big release, lots of changes and lots of feedback about things
( also, we found in our limited testing that there are some surprises
around the corners! )

Most people on the -devel list here should know about how we use the
/cr/ repo and its implications - So with that in mind, please test the
package payloads and provide feedback on this list. We are going to
start working on the isos from today/tomorrow and start testing those
right away, but in the mean time it would be great if we could get as
wide as possible testing done against 6.3 + cr, and then document into
the Release Notes whatever comes through.

And remember, even if the test passes - let us know what you tested and
that it passes'. Its important for us to build a coverage model as well.


- KB
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