[CentOS-devel] CetOS-6.4 via 6.3/cr


nux at li.nux.ro
Thu Feb 28 09:57:45 UTC 2013

On 27.02.2013 22:07, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> hi,
> By now most people would have seen or atleast have spotted the 6.3/cr/
> repos are populated and updates there announced to the cr-announce 
> list.
> 6.4 is a big release, lots of changes and lots of feedback about 
> things
> ( also, we found in our limited testing that there are some surprises
> around the corners! )
> Most people on the -devel list here should know about how we use the
> /cr/ repo and its implications - So with that in mind, please test the
> package payloads and provide feedback on this list. We are going to
> start working on the isos from today/tomorrow and start testing those
> right away, but in the mean time it would be great if we could get as
> wide as possible testing done against 6.3 + cr, and then document into
> the Release Notes whatever comes through.
> And remember, even if the test passes - let us know what you tested 
> and
> that it passes'. Its important for us to build a coverage model as 
> well.
> Thanks
> - KB

After all the updates were applied the filesystem (jbd2/dm-1-8) has 
gone crazy:

I tried remounting with noatime or change the commit, but no luck, it 
still span the heck out of the HDD.
Finally stopping the "cgred" service "fixed" it. Don't know what's 
going on with that or if it's something particular to my setup.; AFAIK I 
did not customise anything cgroup-wise.

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