[CentOS-devel] Adding Linux Test Project content to our tests

Wed Mar 13 17:15:30 UTC 2013
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>



"The Linux™ Test Project is a joint project started by SGI™ and
maintained by IBM®, that has a goal to deliver test suites to the open
source community that validate the reliability, robustness, and
stability of Linux. The LTP testsuite contains a collection of tools for
testing the Linux kernel and related features."

In the week leading upto 6.4, Christoph Galuschka and I had started
looking at how we might be able to integrate those tests into what we
are doing. Since the 6.4 sprint kicked in, we resorted to just running
the tests manually; Which worked well. However, I feel its worth putting
these tests into the harness we have in place, and making sure they are
run whenever we call for 'distro tests' or 'update tests'.

One option is to have the entire suite run as a single tests/r_ltp/
suiet under t_functional; the other is to either have its own suite, we
can directly import from upstream, or have it be a part of the
t_external/ test suite ( along with the likes of wordpress / drupal and
other things ).

Thoughts ?

- KB

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