[CentOS-devel] an upstream cloud-init

Fri Mar 15 15:39:20 UTC 2013
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>



Seems to have come online recently ( thanks ghoms for pointing at it ).
 target seems to be cloud-init and its deps, and only its deps ( they
are conveniently marked with a .1 upgrade from corrosponding packages in

But the name is interesting, What is is going to show up there ? and
what sort of machine roles is the corrosponding repo being exposed to ?
I've build the rpms to :
https://nazar.karan.org/results/misc/cloud-init/20130315000927/ so feel
free to play for now.

Can anyone shed any light on the questions ? So we can then make a
decision and see howto rope these into the distro repos in the best
manner. Also, I suspect epel will need to either do something about
these deps ( and they have an older 0.6 based cloud-init there )

- KB

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