[CentOS-devel] CetOS-6.4 via 6.3/cr

Fri Mar 1 12:10:18 UTC 2013
Jake Shipton <jakems at fedoraproject.org>

On Wed, 27 Feb 2013 22:07:58 +0000
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:

> So with that in mind, please test the
> package payloads and provide feedback on this list. We are going to
> start working on the isos from today/tomorrow and start testing those
> right away, but in the mean time it would be great if we could get as
> wide as possible testing done against 6.3 + cr, and then document into
> the Release Notes whatever comes through.
> And remember, even if the test passes - let us know what you tested
> and that it passes'. Its important for us to build a coverage model
> as well.
> Thanks
> - KB

Done some testing over the last Day or Two :-)

I hope there isn't too much information in this email, but you did ask
us to report back :-P.

Please note all of these VM's are for testing purposes only. And are
not considered "Production Level" prior to testing upgrades. :-)

The following has been tested as Virtual Machines: 
Centos 6.3 Zimbra Server (Fully Configured), up to date -> CetOS
6.4(sic) Zimbra Server

CentOS 6.3 FreeIPA Server (Fully Configured), stock -> CentOS 6.4
FreeIPA Server

CentOS 6.3 FreeIPA Client (Fully Configured), stock -> CentOS 6.4
FreeIPA Client

CentOS 6.3 HTTP Server Stock -> CentOS 6.4 HTTP Server Stock

Commands used for all upgrades:
yum clean all
yum install centos-release-cr
yum upgrade glibc* rpm* yum*
yum upgrade
init 6

Virtual Machine Specs:
Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.6
CentOS Zimbra Server
Cores: 2
RAM: 2048MB
NIC: Emulated Intel PRO/1000MT Server NIC: Bridged to host bond0
Options: AMD-V Enabled
Updated PKGs: 169 

CentOS FreeIPA Server
Cores: 3
RAM: 2048MB
NIC: PCnet-FAST III NIC: Bridged to host bond0
Options: AMD-V Enabled
Updated PKGs: 258

CentOS FreeIPA Client
Cores: 2
RAM: 1024MB
NIC: PCnet-FAST III NIC: Bridged to host bond0
Options: AMD-V Enabled
Updated PKGs: 358

CentOS HTTP Server
Cores: 8 Cores
RAM: 2048MB
NIC: Emulated Intel PRO/1000MT Server NIC: Bridged to host bond0
Options: AMD-V Enabled, LsiLogic SAS 2 HDD's using Soft Raid (in
guest), LUKS Encrypted HDD's
Updated PKGs: 255

Tools Used:
Black Coffee, lots and lots of black coffee!
SSH (Command)
Screen (Command)
top (Command)
Shorewall (IPTables Management)
Xorg (On Host)
BackTrack Linux (Seperate VM)

Basic Test Results:
CentOS Zimbra Server: SUCCESSFUL

Detailed Test Results:

CentOS Zimbra Server
This VM was successfully upgrade without any issues. After rebooting it
rebooted to CentOS 6.4 (Though listed it's self as 6.3 still) and was
running the CR kernel.

After the reboot I installed and configured Shorewall on the VM to
ensure IPTables functionality and management, Shorewall successfully
configured IPTables with needed ports, using tools from BackTrack I was
able to verify this.

Also did some "stability" testing with Backtrack against the VM and all
seemed within normal range :-).

To my surprise Zimbra didn't die however, I was expecting the upgrade
to have some form of negative effect on it. But it seemed to function
correctly without issue. I was able to browse emails on the server,
send them and do various admin management tasks. :-) 

As such I consider the upgrade "Successful".

CentOS FreeIPA Server
The server appeared to function correctly after a reboot, I ran several
IPA commands to ensure user database was intact and also to ensure
hosts DB was intact.

Again server appeared to be running fine, I checked logs and only found
errors moaning about PPM being too high for NTPD.

Further investigation into logs indicated NTP was able to sync time
successfully anyway. 

This could be due to the Hypervisor's clock.

But aside from that, it appeared to function correctly :-).

So marking as "Successful".

CentOS FreeIPA Client
After upgrade, everything seemed to work fine, even changing passwords
of FreeIPA users which I was quite pleased about (this was a bug in 6.3
due to NAT in VirtualBox used during bridging)

So FreeIPA client was actually working better than it was before
upgrade. So that gets a big plus from me :-D.

One thing I did notice is at login it now shows "Your password will
expire in 90 days". So the communication between client and server is
definetly all there.

It successfully got to Desktop (XFCE, Gnome is not actually installed
due to previous testing)

Various other stock CentOS apps appear to be working such as firefox,
gimp etc.

So marking this as "Successful+" :-)

CentOS HTTP Server
With this one I mainly wanted to ensure RAID and LUKS didn't get busted
during upgrade (Important things to me).

Again, upgrade successful, booted fine after applying updates. 

I played with mdadm a little, marked a virtual drive as failed, removed
from array, added it back, make sure it got added correctly and synced
etc basic stuff really.

After all that rebooted the VM and luks remained intact, and it booted
just fine :-).

So I'd say the upgrade was a success :-)


Anyhows, hope these results help you guys :-).

Jake Shipton (JakeMS)
GPG Key: 0xE3C31D8F
GPG Fingerprint: 7515 CC63 19BD 06F9 400A DE8A 1D0B A5CF E3C3 1D8F
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