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Karanbir Singh

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Fri Nov 8 22:00:46 UTC 2013

hi Guys

One of the key problems we need to solve / resolve and do so with some
level of urgency is the mirror problem : How do we get content 'out
there' fast enough to reduce the time-to-release lag. Typically, from
the time everything is ready to go and the release notes / release email
are done, it takes 3 days to get to a releaseable stage for the mirror

The rsync tree that we are using at this point is clearly not
good-enough ( either because of how we use it, or because of what it is
and how it works ). Also, release time activity and how donors react to
them makes it tricky to rely on specific nodes - something we really
need to get to in order to improve the rsync tree cascading setup we
have in place.

Thoughts, ideas ? Discuss!

- KB
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