[CentOS-devel] t_functional tests and integrated packages

Fri Apr 4 14:05:25 UTC 2014
Davide Principi <davide.principi at nethesis.it>

Hi all,
I'd like to write t_functional tests covering the setup of different
packages working together.  

For instance, think about a complete mail server setup, consisting of
Postfix, Amavis, ClamAV, Dovecot and more...  This is the typical
situation I deal with, when I run configuration management software,
like NethServer -- I hope it will be a CentOS variant :) -- acting on
the top of CentOS.

How to extend t_functional in that case? Should I add a "role" test,
such as the existing "lamp"? 

I saw "role" tests are executed on the same environment, after other
"package" tests. What if a particular role test must be executed on a
pristine environment?

I'm worried about - say - OpenLDAP or MySQL: what if they are
provisioned by different test cases in a conflicting way?

Thanks in advance,

Davide Principi

Nethesis srl - Pesaro (Italy)