[CentOS-devel] Storage SIG Moving Forward

Fri Apr 4 19:20:49 UTC 2014
Nux! <nux at li.nux.ro>

On 20.03.2014 18:27, Karsten Wade wrote:
> Similar to the idea of keeping discussions on centos-devel for now,
> having meetings on a low-barrier medium such as IRC has many benefits
> that continue to outweigh the downsides.[0]

Sorry for extending the offtopic, but +1000 (cum laude!) for the IRC 

I have found many of the Hangout recordings quite frustrating to watch, 
partially because of the language barrier, the quality of sound and 
other interruptions (just when it gets more interesting someone mic gets 
wacky or someone needs to go etc).
It also forces me to watch for a long time as I don't know where the 
bits that interests me start and so on. I usually end up sleepy or just 
closing the damn thing and waiting for the tl;dw.
And to be honest, sorry to break some hearts, most of you chappies are 
not too handsome to look at (maybe except Evolution :-D ).

We're all techies, let's keep it text-based.


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