[CentOS-devel] Official docker images and updates

Tue Apr 8 19:41:56 UTC 2014
Matthew Miller <mattdm at mattdm.org>

On Tue, Apr 08, 2014 at 12:59:18PM -0500, Jim Perrin wrote:
> Adam/Matt, could you provide some detail as to the benefits of
> appliance-tools, and the capabilities?

Wellllllll. We are actively migrating away from appliance tools, actually.
the two benefits were:

 - uses a standard input format we are all familiar with (kickstart)
 - integrated into koji for builds (so we get the repeatability and
   traceability benefits that brings)

Now with Koji 1.9, we have an anaconda/imagefactory toolchain, which has
these advantages:

 - also uses kickstart
 - appliance-creator in maintenance mode only, anaconda actively developed
 - even better koji integration (tarball outputs for docker to take in)

But, I think even that is intermediary. There is preliminary work on an idea
which uses rpm in mock as the build format:

 - uses a standard input format we are all familiar with (spec files)
 - much lighter weight than anaconda
 - in active development
 - can handle _layered_ images
 - will be integrated with koji (i think also through imagefactory)

The nice thing here is that the output format (and fedbus messages) should
be the same if we make this second transition in the future, so the
koji -> docker registry bits can be the same.

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