[CentOS-devel] Request for epel-release package in CentOS repo

Fri Apr 18 16:45:11 UTC 2014
Kevin Stange <kevin at steadfast.net>

On 04/18/2014 07:26 AM, Martin Jackson wrote:
> Hello,
> With the changes in CentOS, would it be possible now to include the 
> epel-release package in the main CentOS repositories?  I believe this 
> would help make the process of setting CentOS up a bit more convenient 
> and accessible for both new users (who may have an awkward time finding 
> and installing the epel release package) as well as more veteran 
> administrators, who could effectively choose to enable epel by default 
> by including it in kickstarts and so on.

My suggestion for this, if you're already messing with kickstarts
anyway, is to simply add the EPEL repository URL to your kickstart file,
and add epel-release to the %packages.  Lines like this would do it:

repo --name=epel --baseurl=http://mirror.steadfast.net/epel/6/x86_64/


EPEL still retains a policy of shipping only non-replacement packages.
As long as you're comfortable with the package quality in EPEL and not
shipping any other external repos enabled by default, there's not a lot
of risk to shipping a fresh install with epel-release installed.

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