[CentOS-devel] github mirrors and subgroups

Fri Apr 25 02:14:17 UTC 2014
Karsten Wade <kwade at redhat.com>

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On 04/24/2014 09:44 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> thoughts / comments on a potential plan ?

My first thought is to ponder about making centos.github.com be the
main page. As that is a self-designed portal, we can organize the
thousands of repos by various groupings, mainly around abstracting
from the thousands to the dozens.

In that scenario, we accept the huge listing at github.com/centos and
point people at the organized centos.github.com page instead.

While I'm not against using the team setup (it's not obviously that
inelegant to me), I like the idea of having a parent org of
github.com/CentOS and SIG variants running their own org. This makes
for cleaner URLs and let's the SIGs run their own access/auth without
requiring anything from the parent in the team/org scenario.

Regardless of the choice, I do think we want to do some curated view
using (likely) the same tool as www.centos.org (currently nanoc) at
the centos.github.com subdomain.

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