[CentOS-devel] Request for epel-release package in CentOS repo

Fri Apr 25 13:17:09 UTC 2014
Nux! <nux at li.nux.ro>

On 25.04.2014 13:49, Manuel Wolfshant wrote:
>> Thoughts?
> I have to play devil's advocate here. Quote from
> http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2014-February/009830.html:
>    there are more than 100 repos out there, which ones are we going
> to add and why and
>    then at that point what do the others need to do in order to also 
> get
>    included ?

Guys, we are beating around the bush here and missing the obvious - 
which is even more obvious since the RH acquisition.

We all know EPEL is "special"; first of all there are loads of 
developers contributing to it, second it is officially part of the 
RedHat world (legalese bullshit aside), third it probably has the least 
number of complaints against it, implying good quality.

Given the above I'd say it's pretty safe and useful to add epel-release 
to Extras.

Why don't we add another of the 100s of repos? Because none of the 
other tick all the boxes above.

My 2 slips of gold-pressed latinum.


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