[CentOS-devel] Importing CentOS-6 Sources into git.centos.org

Tue Aug 19 15:50:25 UTC 2014
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

Now that we have a working CentOS 7 tree and process for putting Red Hat
Sources onto git.centos.org, we are going to start a process to figure
out how to import CentOS-6 Sources onto git.centos.org as well.

We will be starting with sources from 6.0 ISOs all the way through
current CentOS-6+updates.

We do not have a specific time line for this to happen, but we will be
generating the SRPM lists (in order) that we will likely use to populate
original RHEL SRPMs (for non modified packages) and the CentOS SRPMs
(for modified packages), and the correct order to make it happen.

We will be posting those lists for review/correction to both the CentOS
QA IRC channel and this mailing list.

We will also be upgrading to a new version of gitblit for git.centos.org
before we actually roll in the CentOS-6 sources, though I will begin the
list generation before we actually start the gitblit upgrade process.

Johnny Hughes

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