[CentOS-devel] GCC 4.8 vs -fsanitize

Mon Aug 4 15:20:55 UTC 2014
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 08/04/2014 06:08 PM, Fred Smith wrote:
> I've been anxiously awaiting a system containing GCC 4.8.x so I could
> try the new -fsanitize=address and -fsanitize=thread tools on my project.
> imagine my dismay when I finally have time to try it on C7 and find that
> it rejects the -fsanitize option. It doesn't appear to have been enabled
> when the shipped GCC was built. :(
> Do I have any choices other than compiling my own GCC ??
sure. file a bug at bugzilla.centos.org and ask RH to include the flag 
in the next release.

you could also open a bug at bugs.centos.org and maybe a kind soul will 
build a modified rpm and include it in centosplus.