[CentOS-devel] NumaChip kernel config option

Wed Aug 13 03:41:05 UTC 2014
Daniel J Blueman <daniel at numascale.com>

On 13/08/2014 03:40, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On 08/12/2014 04:19 AM, Daniel J Blueman wrote:
>> Since CentOS is heavily used on Numascale systems, it would be a great
>> enabler to have CONFIG_NUMACHIP enabled in CentOS kernels.
>> It has been enabled for some time in Ubuntu server kernels.
>> What else is needed to request this?
>> Many thanks,
>>     Daniel
> This can not happen on the main CentOS distro kernels unless that option
> is on in RHEL as we rebuild our kernel to have the same options as that
> kernel.
> However, we have a CentOS Plus kernel where optional things are turned on.

Indeed, I meant CONFIG_X86_NUMACHIP. I'll see what can be done upstream 
with RHEL7.x or so in the medium term.

Daniel J Blueman
Principal Software Engineer, Numascale