[CentOS-devel] GSoC mentoring org application, and 14 Feb deadline [GSoC]

Fri Feb 7 23:21:26 UTC 2014
Karsten Wade <kwade at redhat.com>

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I'm in the mode of "perfect is enemy of good enough", so I'm going to
send out a status right now before I keep waiting to get more done. :)

A handful of people have offered some help, project ideas, and to be
the co-/backup admin (an application requirement.) Thanks! Our main
needs to complete our application are:

* Ideas, ideas, ideas
  - SIGs take note!
* A backup admin
* Mentors (and teams) beginning to commit

Please read on for current status on everything:  ideas, mentors,
office hours, backup admin, and students.

== Ideas

We need good ideas, and around one mentor for each idea. (It's OK if
we have a few more ideas than mentors assigned right now, as long as
the idea list is long enough. It's job is to give students ideas on
what and how to write their proposals.)


If you have an idea, fill out the template, or email it to me. If you
think it needs a bit of discussion first, you can start a thread for
it on centos-devel.

SIGs -- this is a great way to get work done toward your variant
needs. Packaging, yum plugins, and so forth are all good approaches.
It's fine (and encouraged) if the students' work ends up happening
primarily in your upstream and we absorb the goodness in to CentOS
Linux later.

== Mentors

You are needed, at least one for each student.

You can represent a group, such as release engineering, QA, or a SIG.
The rest of your group should be prepared to work with the students on
proposals and the final project.

== CentOS Office Hours

We'll use the Monday CentOS Office Hours to talk about GSoC:


That's at 16:00 UTC on a Google Hangout and live on YouTube or via

At the moment it will be any of the Board members chatting about
things, but we may have room for a few other voices if there is
someone else we should include in the discussion.

== Backup admin & administrivia

I'm working the application details here:


We need a backup admin, it's mandatory for the application. I've heard
from a few interested folks, please let me know if you are interested.
I'd especially like to work with someone who hasn't administered GSoC
before, so I can spread the knowledge. We can have more than one
backup admin, but we definitely need one for the application.

Since I'm so new to the community, I'm going to consult the rest of
the Board members for who would make good co-/backup-admins. I'll try
to get that figured out early next week, let's set Tuesday end-of-day
in California for that.

We also need some tags to associate with the project, such as:  Linux,
yum, RPM, packaging, OpenStack, Ceph, Python, etc. Suggestions welcome.

== Students

Your time to apply hasn't come yet. We need to be accepted as a
mentoring org first.

But it is a great thing when existing community members who are also
students apply for the projects. I've seen quite a number of very good
results from that - getting paid to spend the summer making CentOS
Linux or the Project better!

- - Karsten
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