[CentOS-devel] interest in Cloud Instance SIG (from the Synnefo and Ganeti side)

Thu Feb 20 12:51:44 UTC 2014
Constantinos Venetsanopoulos <cven at grnet.gr>

On 02/20/2014 02:42 PM, Jim Perrin wrote:
> On 02/20/2014 06:18 AM, Constantinos Venetsanopoulos wrote:
>> Hello Jim,
>> Unfortunately, my team comes from a Debian background and
>> we have zero experience with kickstart :(
>> However, we are willing to help however we can.
>> So, what do you think are the next steps?
> I'm traveling to scale12x this weekend, but when I get back, I can work
> with you on generating an appropriate kickstart filed that we can run
> through our build system.

That's sounds good. Hope you have a nice time at scale12x.

>   We'll probably go back and forth a bit between
> generating and testing images, and then we'll be able to push to
> cloud.centos.org.

Of course, that sounds reasonable. We will be able to test the
images on our demo Synnefo infrastructure too, so that you
(or anyone else from your team) can have access and see it


Thanks a lot for your help.
Hope to work with you soon,

> If anyone else on the devel list wants to pick this up before Tuesday
> that would work also.