[CentOS-devel] interest in Cloud Instance SIG (from the Synnefo and Ganeti side)

Thu Feb 20 14:21:11 UTC 2014
Tru Huynh <tru at centos.org>


On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 04:00:48PM +0200, Manuel Wolfshant wrote:
> #pay attention to the comments inline !!
> part /boot --fstype ext3 --size=250
> part pv.2 --size=5000 --grow 
> volgroup VolGroup00 --pesize=32768 pv.2
> logvol / --fstype ext4 --name=LogVol00 --vgname=VolGroup00 --size=1024 --grow
> logvol swap --fstype swap --name=LogVol01 --vgname=VolGroup00 --size=256 --grow --maxsize=512


	During the installation, you will be asked about the partition scheme.
	Don’t use LVM partitions. They are not supported by snf-image-creator.

-> Not sure if that applies here.


	When image shrinking is enabled, snf-image-creator will shrink the last
	partition on the disk. If this is a swap partition, it will remove it,
	save enough information to recreate it during image deployment and
	shrink the partition that lays just before that. This will make the
	image smaller which speeds up the deployment process.

	During image deployment, the last partition is enlarged to occupy the
	available space in the VM’s hard disk and a swap partition is added at
	the end if a SWAP image property is present.

-> Maybe a single / partition and a possible swap space at the end ?

part / --fstype ext4 --size=1000 --asprimary --ondisk=sda
part swap --size=128 --asprimary --ondisk=sda --fstype swap 



Tru Huynh (mirrors, CentOS i386/x86_64 Package Maintenance)
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