[CentOS-devel] GSoC & CentOS - not this year

Mon Feb 24 20:12:36 UTC 2014
Patrick McGarry <patrick at inktank.com>

Sorry to hear that.  I'm guessing there are any number of orgs that
did get accepted who would love to support a well written CentOS+X
proposal though, especially if CentOS devs were willing to help mentor
from the other direction a bit.

Ceph was accepted this year, and I'd love it if some of the proposals
we got from students included another open source project like CentOS
as a part of their submission.  Happy to put another item on our ideas
page if anyone has specific suggestions.

If anyone else on this list got accepted to GSoC I'd also urge you to
chime in here so we can build a little discussion that might yield a
good CentOS crossover.

Best of luck next year as an org though, the date does sneak up on you.

Best Regards,

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On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 2:01 PM, Karsten Wade <kwade at redhat.com> wrote:
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> Hi:
> We just got word that our application for Google Summer of Code for
> this year was not accepted.
> I'll admit to being not very surprised - I was counting on our recent
> changes toward a more open contributor project to make up for not
> having been able to do a lot of preparation for the application.
> We'll get this on our calendar for the next year so we're ahead of the
> curve. Part of that will be continuing to keep track of ideas as a
> community, get those on to a wiki page for 2015, and keep recruiting
> mentors. (I suspect our lack of a long list of ideas and mentors to be
> the biggest weakness in our application.)
> Thanks everyone for the help in rushing to get the application done in
> time - I think it was a pretty good application, maybe not strong
> enough. I also respect that the Google have a lot to keep balanced, it
> may have nothing to do with our shortcomings in the end.
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