[CentOS-devel] Russian localized Freenode.net channel #centos-ru

Wed Feb 26 07:47:20 UTC 2014
Мернов Георгий <mernov at mail.ua>

On 07.02.2014 14:49, Jim Perrin wrote:
> On 02/06/2014 02:04 PM, Мернов Георгий wrote:
>>      Ok, I'll try to talk to Jim Perrin. What’s his irc-nickname ? Thanks for
>> the help!
> I'm Evolution on freenode. I suggested that you ask here as a way to
> gauge interest in a -ru channel. My concern with creating this channel
> is mostly that there don't seem to be any distribution 'regulars' who
> are fluent enough in the language to try to keep order. Are there others
> on the list who would be willing to help with this initiative?
     Hi, are there any news on ?

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