[CentOS-devel] drpms directories taking a lot of space

Tue Jan 7 06:05:01 UTC 2014
Florian La Roche <Florian.LaRoche at gmx.net>


some weeks ago I looked briefly at the drpms subdirectories
for Centos-6.4-x86_64. All updtes took about 4GB whereas the
drpms subdir had already 27GB. Listing the drpms directory by
size showed e.g. libreoffice updates taking e.g. 35MB whereas
the full update rpm is 37MB.

Is it possible to move the drpms directories to special mirrors
only. Similar to the debuginfo/source/oldreleases? Maybe also
some tuning is possible to generate drpms only if they really give
a huge download saving.

Sorry, I don't have detailed numbers anymore, I've just disabled to
mirror the drpms subdir for now. (All numbers above are from memory,
my local mirror doesn't have drpms anymore.)

Keeping the official CentOS mirror rather small should be a real
plus for the large volume of mirror sites and the real good
distribution of CentOS.

Thanks a lot for CentOS,

Florian La Roche