[CentOS-devel] A format request to create a Eucalyptus Special Interest Group

Thu Jan 9 23:57:13 UTC 2014
Greg DeKoenigsberg <greg.dekoenigsberg at gmail.com>

Hi folks.  As I understand the "variants" proposal as it exists currently:


...I think that the Eucalyptus installer, which relies upon CentOS
currently, would do well as a variant.

Which means that I would like to formally request the formation of a
Eucalyptus SIG, according to protocol here:


So let me go through the requirements, one by one.

* The topic for the group must be related to CentOS, or a use scenario
for CentOS

We build Eucalyptus, a cloud infrastructure application, around CentOS
and have for 3 years now. We have an installer that is derived from
Anaconda. We've sponsored CentOS events, and we deliver CentOS images
to our users.  Our packages are currently in a standalone repository,
but we would be happy to merge these into whatever CentOS repository
emerges (EPEL? Some new version of EPEL? CentOS core itself? I'm
unclear on where this sits currently.)

* There must be adequate control and feedback into the CentOS community

Happy to discuss what this means to members of the CentOS community.

* Generally, all communication as to the work of the SIG should be
public, understanding that sometimes a matter may need to be private;
in such cases, please consult with the Devteam member out of band of
the SIG

Happy to do business on a centos-eucalyptus mailing list.

* All code produced within the SIG must be compatible with a FOSS
license presently used by CentOS; if a new license is wanted, again,
please consult with the Devteam member

All code is GPL or Apache.

* All documentation produced within the SIG must be compatible with
the license of this wiki

Happy to do that.

* We would expect teams to be watchful of general CentOS directions
from the Devteam

It would be a great advantage to have help from the Devteam to do this.

* At least one member of the SIG, who need not be the lead, needs to
be a member of the CentOS Devteam. We are not trying to enforce any
moderation, however, we feel that the actions of each SIG using CentOS
resources needs to have visibility to the Devteam

Happy to work with anyone on the Devteam for this.

How do we proceed?  What discussion needs to take place, and who can
say yes to move this request forward?