[CentOS-devel] [REQUEST] Create the CentOS Hosting SIG

Fri Jan 10 15:06:32 UTC 2014
Jim Jagielski <jim at jimjag.com>

One of the proposed Future SIGs (http://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup)
is the Hosting (or "Web Hosters") SIG. Since Web Hosters are one of
the key and core users of CentOS, this seems like a SIG that
should be started sooner, rather than later :)

I'd like to propose that such a SIG be started.

Following the proposed requirements listed:

 * The topic for the group must be related to CentOS, or a use scenario
   for CentOS.

   This is an obvious alignment. As noted above, CentOS is a popular
   choice for Web Hosters and ISPs.
 * There must be adequate control and feedback into the CentOS community

   Such feedback would be vital to the success of this SIG.
 * Generally, all communication as to the work of the SIG should be public,
   understanding that sometimes a matter may need to be private; in such
   cases, please consult with the Devteam member out of band of the SIG.
   My preference would be to use public, archived lists for all development
   and communication.
 * All code produced within the SIG must be compatible with a FOSS license
   presently used by CentOS; if a new license is wanted, again, please
   consult with the Devteam member

   My preference that all new code and development be under the ALv2 license.
 * All documentation produced within the SIG must be compatible with the
   license of this wiki

 * We would expect teams to be watchful of general CentOS directions from
   the Devteam

   My expectation would be an extremely tight feedback loop between the
   Hosting SIG and the general CentOS direction.
 * At least one member of the SIG, who need not be the lead, needs to be a
   member of the CentOS Devteam.

   Agreed. I welcome suggestions.

A bit about myself: Web Hosting is near and dear to my heart, having
created a small ISP/Web Hosting business and helping develop the Apache
HTTP server. I've been known to speak and write about web hosting.

I am currently employed by Red Hat, Inc. but this request is not
being made formally with my Red Hat hat on.