[CentOS-devel] Storage SIG proposal

Tue Jan 21 16:22:53 UTC 2014
Patrick McGarry <patrick at inktank.com>

Greetings CentOS-devel,

We here at Inktank (and the Ceph project) are quite interested in the
direction that CentOS is headed and would love to propose a 'Storage
SIG' to help ensure that something so fundamental gets the proper

There are definitely aspects that will overlap with Core, Cloud, and
Virtualization, but we think there are plenty of places where storage
should have it's own discourse.  We are already building CentOS
packages for Ceph and would like to encourage other storage offerings
to do the same.

We are definitely in alignment with the requirements and want to ensure that:

1) the discourse remains primarily CentOS related, or at least
tangentially applicable.

2) there is plenty of feedback and control into, and out of, the core
CentOS community.

3) all communications take place in public (either IRC or mailing lists).

4) all code is compatible with a FOSS license (in our case, LGPL v2 w/
fragmented copyright).

5) all documentation is compatible with the CentOS wiki license.

6) the storage SIG would be very mindful of CentOS direction and
coordinate effectively.

7) we have the appropriate buy-in from the CentOS devteam.

For a (very rough) outline of form and function I was thinking of the
following.  However, this will obviously grow and mature with

To ensure that CentOS is at the forefront of next generation storage
technology and has a wide range of mature options for both traditional
and distributed systems.

Technical Goals
 * Assist with packaging and testing of storage technologies for
CentOS repositories
 * Documenting paths to deployment and use for various storage technologies
 * Hold an open discourse around storage technology as it applies to CentOS
 * Work closely with providers of storage technology to ensure tight
integration with CentOS

Community Goals
 * Provide an easy-to-consume menu of storage and
deployment/orchestration options
 * Act as a resource for those exploring next generation storage technology
 * Ensure that all storage technology is addressed equally without favoritism
 * Work with users to publish use cases and real-world examples for review

I welcome any and all feedback and look forward to working with the
CentOS community.  Thanks.

Best Regards,

Patrick McGarry
Director, Community || Inktank
http://ceph.com  ||  http://inktank.com
@scuttlemonkey || @ceph || @inktank