[CentOS-devel] Interest in a 32bit tree of the upcoming CentOS7?

Fri Jan 10 15:36:24 UTC 2014
Andreas Thienemann <andreas at bawue.net>

Hello Ryan,

Am 10.1.2014 15:28, schrieb Ryan Wagoner:

>> I do have a few x86 machines I am not ready to retire yet.

> Have you considered converting these machines over to VMs. At one
> client I purchased one new server and migrated 10 legacy servers over
> to VMware ESXi. When I did the math the power savings covered the
> server in 2 years.

Glad to hear that this was a viable solution and worked out well for 

Dan was describing however 32bit embedded machines used as routers.
I have similar use cases in mind where virtualizing is not the right 
solution and a native i686 build is needed.

Considering the numbers Karanbir gave which amounted to about 30% of the 
users hitting the i686 tree