[CentOS-devel] ClearCenter Marketplace for CentOS Variant

Sat Jan 11 01:05:31 UTC 2014
David Loper <dloper at clearcenter.com>

If I had to map it to a technology, I'd map it to all the MSC server apps
in Microsoft Server Suite…but web based and with cloud services. Our
product is appropriate for any home, office, or business as a comprehensive
solution for IT or in an environment that needs to have turnkey solutions
to specific IT needs not addressed by their current technology. Currently,
we primarily replace Sonicwall, Cisco, and Microsoft SBS. We'd like to be
able to do that as a CentOS variant as well. Especially for individuals
migrating to Linux who need easy to use administration. We take a whole
rack of IT junk and make it manageable under CentOS.

ClearCenter Marketplace adds a web-based management interface to CentOS for
the purpose of managing the Server, Network, Gateway, and Cloud for a home,
small office, or business.

Server based items under web-based control include:
Directory Services via OpenLDAP for users and groups
Windows Networking
File Sharing services via HTTP, CIFS, FTP and others
Printer Services via CUPS
Photo Organizer
Web Server (LAMP)
SugarCRM, Wordpress, and other LAMP applications
FileServer antivirus
Mail Server
Email Antispam and Antivirus
Backup Server
and much, much more

Network based items under web-based control include:
DHCP and DNS Server
Incoming and Outgoing Firewall control
Port Forwarding and 1:1 NAT
SSH Server
and much, much more

Gateway-based items under web control include:
Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Proxy services
WPAD control
Web Content Filtration
Gateway antivirus and antiphishing
and much, much more

Reports will exist in the web interface that allows for easy interpretation
of data from the various services listed. In addition, privilege separation
allows non-admins to view aspects of delegated control.

Lastly, the Marketplace adds a platform to which 3rd party application
providers using open and closed technologies can write a graphical
management app for the installation and configuration of their app.

For example, if Kaspersky wanted to be able to provide an alternative
pattern file for antivirus than ClamAV (the default) they can have an app
and sell their product in the marketplace. (think Apple Store/Google
Play…but for servers)

We have all the sources ready to go and ready to build. Just let us know
what is required to get them building against CentOS

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 5:21 PM, Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>wrote:

> On 01/11/2014 12:06 AM, David Loper wrote:
> > ClearCenter and ClearFoundation are interested in starting a CentOS
> > variant called 'ClearCenter Marketplace for CentOS'. This will allow
> > management of various CentOS services, EPEL packages, and third party
> > applications to be easily managed and configured under CentOS.
> Can you elaborate on this a bit ?
> > We are also interested in being part of a SIG centered around 'Server
> > Management.' Please let us know the next steps. We'd like to get started
> > right away and we are willing to participate in the process of helping
> > to set up shop. Let us know how we can serve.
> If you had to map this to a technology, what might that be ?
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