[CentOS-devel] Cloud SIG interest from CloudStack

Sat Jan 11 16:46:37 UTC 2014
Sebastien Goasguen <runseb at gmail.com>

On Jan 10, 2014, at 7:20 PM, Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:

> On 01/09/2014 09:09 AM, Sebastien Goasguen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> First, congrats to the centos community on the recent development.
>> Reading the call for SIG, there is definitely interest from CloudStack to participate and create a ClouStack centOS variant for both instances and head/hypervisor nodes.
>> Our default image template is already a centos template and our best quick start guide is based on CentOS.
>> We also have a community run yum repo for all our packages.
> Sounds good, I just noticed that the CI server for CloudStack is also
> doing the test runs on CentOS already!
> Do you have a view on the idea of a single Cloud SIG, with participation
> from various projects being able to build various Variants ?

My personal view is that it would seem strange to have one SIG per project, a single cloud SIG will require coordination efforts amongst project to agree on a somewhat common framework for build. We could probably start with a single cloud SIG to discuss and identify requirements/issues and then see if a split is necessary.

From a user standpoint it would be great to be able to choose an official CentOS distro that packages one preferred Cloud IaaS solution.

> And finally, getting a mile ahead of myself already, do you have the
> possibility of running CloudStack from live media

We are not doing it right now, but it should be do-able. Easiest would probably be a live version of our Devcloud (single image that uses nested virt to simulate a full cloud).

> ?

>> I see interest to create a Cloud Image for CloudStack clouds as well as creating variants for our management server and our hypervisor setup.
>> I will be at the Dojo on January 31st and would be happy to discuss further.
> We've got the Cloud Images hacksession for CloudStack already setup at
> the dojo ( http://wiki.centos.org/Events/Dojo/Brussels2014 ); maybe we
> can use time there to host a face2face Cloud Image SIG as well.
> ( btw, I am assuming there is momentum behind the idea of splitting the
> Cloud Infra from Cloud Instance/Image efforts, it seems to make sense in
> my head )
> regards and welcome to the larger CentOS Ecosystem


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