[CentOS-devel] OpenNebula Variant and Cloud SIG proposals

Sun Jan 12 10:21:31 UTC 2014
Vincent Van der Kussen <vincent at vanderkussen.org>

> On 01/09/2014 08:34 AM, Vincent Van der Kussen wrote:
>>> would
>>> like to hereby propose a new CentOS variant, namely the OpenNebula
>>> variant.
> I wonder if this might be a Variant that could be hosted/built within
> the Cloud SIG ( or Cloud Infra SIG ). Given that we already have the
> packages for ON-4.4 in the process, we might even be able to use those
> as a trial run for the variant build.
>> I would like to help on this one. I also think good Gluster integration
>> with Opennebula might be something to look at.
> do you mean via the ufo / object backing store ? I would have thought
> the regular fuse-driven gluster mounts on the datastore path's would
> have just worked otherwise.

Yes. Normal fuse mounts do indeed work. Apparently there's already a
ticket open (http://dev.opennebula.org/issues/2202).

I was also wondering if building packages for the required Gems for
Opennebula would be something that could go into the ONE Variant?

> Regards,

Vincent Van der Kussen