[CentOS-devel] Repository structures for SIG and variants in the future

Fri Jan 17 13:35:29 UTC 2014
Jim Perrin <jperrin at centos.org>

On 01/17/2014 07:08 AM, Manuel Wolfshant wrote:

> make it 5 or 10, please. one might want to supersede base packages with 
> ones from private/local repos. hplip for instance was such a candidate 
> for a long time, my printers were not supported by the stock version of 
> hplip from EL5 and I had to compile a newer one from fedora. and at the 
> time I was not yet relying on include/excludepkgs

This touches exactly on the point for why I don't want to include
priorities by default. To make it useful for repos that provide newer
software than what exists in base/updates (php, httpd, libvirt,
whatever), you're automatically working against priorities. It doesn't
matter if it's for a local repository or for a SIG.

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