[CentOS-devel] Cloud-init for CentOS?

Mon Jan 27 10:16:35 UTC 2014
Nux! <nux at li.nux.ro>

On 27.01.2014 10:06, Sam Kottler wrote:
> On 01/27/2014 10:55 AM, Nux! wrote:
>> On 27.01.2014 08:42, Sebastien Goasguen wrote:
>>>> So, I would say Cloudstack support is incomplete at this time, 
>>>> unless
>>>> someone tells me I need to enable some other module. I'll look up 
>>>> in
>>>> the following days how to hook a script into it, perhaps we can do 
>>>> it
>>>> this way.
>>> Nux, I think this might be due to this bug reported on ubuntu lists:
>>> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/1250398
>>> the cause might be an upgrade of boto. Let's discuss and test off
>>> list to see how we can solve this.
>>> -sebastien
>> Sebastien,
>> I'm already patching for that problem in the ks so it's not it:
>> http://li.nux.ro/download/cloudstack/ks/CentOS6_x86_64_CloudStack-6.5-20140123.ks
>> (search for boto)
>> The problem is that the "set-password" function in cloud-init seems 
>> to
>> be totally unrelated to Cloudstack's password feature. I'm trying to
>> find a solution.
> I don't have access to a CloudStack deployment so this is difficult 
> for
> me to debug. Did you manage to get resize2fs working on boot?

Thanks Sam and Alan, I'm sure I'll get the resize feature working as 
well, I'm also using the growroot dracut module, so need to make sure 
they play fair.
It's not boto's fault as far as I can tell, but I'll investigate more.

Sebastien, I managed to get the password feature working by dropping 
cloud-set-password in /var/lib/cloud/scripts/per-boot/ , personally I am 
happy with that until ACS is better supported upstream. You need to run 
dos2unix on the script as it seems to have been edited on Windows.
If you are happy with this, too I can ammend the kickstarts.


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