[CentOS-devel] Processing bugs - Possible new status addition

Thu Jul 10 19:32:20 UTC 2014
Phil Wyett <philwyett at aura-tech-systems.co.uk>

Hi all,

This morning the discussion of certain statuses for bugs came up in
#centos-devel on IRC.


- Bug reported. For argument an aged bug that is >= 1 point release
  lower than current point release for the bug.
- Bug cannot be reproduced on same major release/current point release.
- Reporter asked for feedback - Do they still have the issue? etc.
- Feedback does not come in 6 months.

At this point it was decided the bug should not be closed, but an
appropriate status be assigned. Current statuses do not really cover the
above scenario. One suggestion on IRC was a status of:


Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?



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