[CentOS-devel] Centos6.4 ISO: extract, modify files and rebuild

Mon Jul 28 21:40:43 UTC 2014
Raghuv Adhepalli <raghuv.adhepalli at seagate.com>


When I was looking inside the centos6.4 iso, I found a file kickstart.py
that interests me and would like to hack around a bit.

So far I have been able to mount the centos iso and the image file
"install.img" (present inside the iso) as loop devices.

I was able to copy all contents of install.img to another directory(as the
loop device is a read-only filesystem) and make changes to the kickstart.py
Now I am not sure how to rebuild the img file and then the iso.

Is there any documentation in the community for this very purpose of
extracting, making changes and rebuilding the centos iso?


Raghuv Adhepalli.
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