[CentOS-devel] DVD split media

Wed Jul 2 13:22:54 UTC 2014
Fabian Arrotin <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net>

On 02/07/14 15:21, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
> On 30/06/14 18:11, Anssi Johansson wrote:
>> 30.6.2014 18.44, Karanbir Singh kirjoitti:
>>> One point though - if we were to do :
>>> dvd#1.iso
>>> dvd#2.iso ( which contains things otherwise not installable via the
>>> installer )
>>> and a distro-everything.iso ( at about 7GB, for people who want to host
>>> it on USB keys and nfs mounts etc ),
>>> then is there any point in the dvd#2 ? if people cant use it install time ?
>> You're right. If there's going to be an everything.iso, there is little 
>> point in having a DVD#2. Those who want to make a full install can do so 
>> from DVD1 alone. Those who need to transfer all the rpms in one 
>> convenient verifiable package can use the everything.iso, to be used 
>> with a dual-layer DVD or USB memory stick, or loop mounted somewhere.
> So, with that idea in mind, here is what I did to generate a packages
> list for DVD#1:
> - install a minimal system (in uefi, to have efibootmgr, shim, etc ..
> and also using md device/luks)
> - extract all packages mentioned in the comps.xml
> - install all those packages (that triggered dependencies too)
> - creating a list of all those  installed packages (mentioned in the
> comps + deps)
> I attach the full list and also a diff with the one Anssi created
> previously (http://miuku.net/tmp/7packages/c7-dvd1-rpms.txt)
> I then composed a local tree from that list and size is :
> 3.9G	total
> I then reinstalled a new basic VM from that tree, and then verified I
> could install all the packages correctly

I forgot to mention that I also ran repoclosure on it :
Reading in repository metadata - please wait....
Checking Dependencies
Repos looked at: 1
Num Packages in Repos: 3515

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