[CentOS-devel] Cloud image default login

Mon Jul 14 15:32:18 UTC 2014
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 07/14/2014 04:27 PM, Daniel Ankers wrote:
> As a user, I'd like to be able to take any set of instructions about
> RHEL and s/RHEL/CentOS/g and have it work (with the exception of all the
> things people pay RedHat good money for, of course.)

in the cloud images they wont, we built our own images ( always have )
and have implemented our own policy.

I guess once rhel images show up for opennebula and in linode, we can
start trying to work together a bit more.

my point really is - lets find the best place to be, without needing to
just blindly work with what / where rhel is and what they are doing

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