[CentOS-devel] [Patch] Preupgrade assistant: platform

Wed Jul 16 09:12:37 UTC 2014
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 07/16/2014 08:35 AM, Manuel Mausz wrote:
> Hi,
> attached are two patches to make the preupgrade assistant recognize
> centos and actually do something. Without these patches no tests will
> run as the platform won't match (aka "notapplicable").


> Also there are plenty of places that mention RHEL (grep says 155x "Red
> Hat Enterprise Linux", 336x "RHEL"). e.g: "After upgrading to RHEL 7
> ....", "w3m not available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7", etc..
> Should we replace all of them?

Thats a good question, the general rule of the thumb is, when in doubt :
ask. Within that, how we typically decide on a branding change is :

- Does it imply a RHEL way of doing something, then leave it in ( eg.
the gcc -v says Red Hat, because well this is the Red Hat patched gcc )

- Does it require cascading dependancies ( eg. he iscsi target name
setup by default ), then look at scope and most likely leave it in.

- Does it imply the platform being run on ? Change it

- Can it be used by a third party to signigy that CentOS is identical to
RHEL, then most likely change it

- Is there a check for platform being RHEL ? then change it to match
what one would expect in the same place on CentOS Linux.

- Is this a user facing string that can be considered 'branding', then
change it.

Ofcourse, there are always exceptions but that is the basic stuff we
consider since CentOS4 days :) Off the top of my head.

So in your examples, I think we should consider changing most of those
to point at and say CentOS.

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