[CentOS-devel] CentOS-7 on PowerPC

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Jun 11 23:27:46 UTC 2014


I'd like to try and see if we can get a secondary arch sort of effort
underway to build and deliver a PowerPC ( power7 ? ) distro based on the

Power hardware is hard to come by, and we're going to mostly bootstrap
from the powerpc community resources hosted at OSUOSL - but we do have
enough resources to get the buildsystem up and keep it running for the
ppc64 and ppc tree's. To complement this, we also have a power7 machine
for the time being, on loan from a sponsor. But its future is uncertain,
we might only have it for another 6 months. The resouces at OSL should,
however, persist.

Also, as most people on this list will realise - there is quite a lot of
momentum inside the project, so the existing contributors dont have
enough time to contribute towards another arch as well, so the effort to
run this will need to come from the community.

So the purpose of my email is two fold, (1) is there enough community
interest to undertake this effort ? and (2) are there enough community
folks willing to put in the time to make it happen. Ideally some of you
lot will have local hardware to test and qa the builds as well.


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