[CentOS-devel] CentOS Atomic Host SIG Proposal

Joe Brockmeier jzb at redhat.com
Mon Jun 30 15:05:28 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Please see the proposal below and let me know if you have any
suggestions, are interested in being involved, or any other comments,
thoughts, or flames.


Atomic Host SIG

The CentOS Atomic Host SIG will work on a CentOS-based Atomic Host image
that provides a minimal image using rpm-ostree, as well as tools and
documentation for users to create their own CentOS/Atomic images with
custom package sets.

## Goals

* Ship a minimal CentOS Atomic Host that focuses on running Docker
containers in production.
* Provide ISO images installable with Anacona, and images suited for
OpenStack, CloudStack, Amazon Web Services/Eucalyptus, and Google
Compute Engine.
* Provide tools and documentation that can be used to spin custom images
from CentOS packages to be deployed with Atomic (rpm-ostree) tools.
* Provide regular releases as underlying tools (e.g. rpm-ostree)
advance, while maintaining stability for in-place upgrades.
* Establish a time-based release cadence.
* All code included in the Atomic image will be under an OSI-approved
* Unless differentation is absolutely necessary, all packages common to
CentOS core and CentOS Atomic will be identical.

## Mailing List and Communication

Work for the CentOS Atomic image relevant to CentOS build systems, etc.
will take place on centos-devel. Work related to upstream Atomic will
take place on the Atomic mailing lists.

Note that the Atomic community comprises efforts underway with CentOS,
Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as well as upstreams like Docker
and OpenShift (GearD) so discussions may span several communities and
mailing lists.

## SIG Membership

The Atomic Host SIG will have a steering committee and committers. The
steering committee will consist initially of Joe Brockmeier, Jason
Brooks, Jim Perrin, Brian Proffitt, Greg DeKoenigsberg, and _________
(?). New committers and steering committee members are appointed by the
steering committee.

Committer privileges, once earned, do not expire unless revoked by the
steering committee.

The steering committee will appoint a chair to interface with the CentOS

## Meetings

The CentOS Atomic SIG will initially meet weekly until all pieces are in
place for regular releases, then as needed.

## Roadmap and (Action) TODO List

* Define package set
* Establish builds for target environments (cloud deployments and bare
* Define orchestration tool(s) for CentOS Atomic
* Establish test / QA processes
* Set long-term release cadence, upgrade policies

## Further Info

* Project Atomic (http://projectatomic.io)
* Fedora Atomic Initiative (http://rpm-ostree.cloud.fedoraproject.org/#/)



Joe Brockmeier | Principal Cloud & Storage Analyst
jzb at redhat.com | http://community.redhat.com/
Twitter: @jzb  | http://dissociatedpress.net/

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