[CentOS-devel] Storage SIG Moving Forward

Thu Mar 20 15:35:41 UTC 2014
Patrick McGarry <patrick at inktank.com>

Now that the Storage SIG has been (mostly) ratified, I wanted to start
looking forward.  We are already started on some of the simple first
steps; so giving a little time to have a few tasks under our belt (and
give people a chance to wrap their head around the tasks ahead) we're
aiming for the first SIG meeting to be on:

04-Apr @ 15:00 UTC.

Anyone who is interested in attending please let me know before then
and I'll make sure you're added to the invite.  Our current plan is to
just keep it simple w/ a Google Hangout (not on-air) so if we grow
beyond 10 we'll need to know beforehand.

In this meeting we'll be discussing the following:

* Infrastructure plans (repositories, lists, etc)
* Form & Function (who does what, how repos are handled)
* Rough roadmap (what to accomplish when)
* Identify potential additions to SIG (have Ceph&Gluster, anyone else?)
* Any other ideas/questions that may come up

If you have any questions in the meantime feel free to reply here, or
hit me directly via email (patrick at inktank.com) or on IRC
(scuttlemonkey).  Thanks.

Best Regards,

Patrick McGarry
Director, Community || Inktank
http://ceph.com  ||  http://inktank.com
@scuttlemonkey || @ceph || @inktank