[CentOS-devel] RHEL 7 beta 2?

Mon Mar 3 14:56:43 UTC 2014
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 03/03/2014 08:23 AM, Tom McManus wrote:
> Hi,
> Apologies if this topic is covered elsewhere. Will CentOS wait for the
> release of RHEL7 or will it start work on betas

The CentOS team is building the Beta packages so that we have the
packages available for future use, can find any issues building them,
and look for branding issues, etc. ... however we feel that it is
counterproductive to release anything to the public.

The reasons are:

1.  RHEL 7 Beta is free to download and anyone who wants to get it can
do so. The CentOS team highly recommends any interested parties download
and test RHEL 7 Beta following Red Hat's announcement and guidelines.

2.  RHEL 7 beta is "beta quality" and Red Hat wants the public to
download and test it and provide feedback to get issues fixed before the
actually RHEL 7.0 GA release.  If you want to make CentOS-7 better,
download and test RHEL-7 Beta and provide feedback to Red Hat to fix as
many issues as possible before they release.

3.  The CentOS team feels that adding potential problems from our
building of packages that may not be present in the released RHEL 7 Beta
is counterproductive and possibly dilutes the upstream beta process.

4.  The CentOS team does not want to act as the middle man to the actual
reporting of incidents that might happen if we release a rebuild of RHEL
7 Beta. That is, people report things to us about our beta that should
have instead been reported to Red Hat and those issues somehow get lost
in the process.


So, while we are not planning to release a rebuild of the Beta's at this
time, we will be building and saving beta packages and creating our
build processes/system to ensure we can get CentOS-7.0 built and
released quickly.  Any packages we get built during these processes that
do not change are things we don't have to build later.  Any problems we
solve, even for packages that change during the beta process, may be
relevant to newer packages that come out in the beta process, so will
still likely help us.

I can not stress it enough ... CentOS users who want to help should
download and test the RHEL 7 Betas and provide feedback for any problems
to Red Hat so CentOS-7.0 can happen faster and be better quality when we
release it.

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