[CentOS-devel] Centos 7 VS Gnome 3

Thu Mar 6 01:38:41 UTC 2014
Jim Perrin <jperrin at centos.org>

On 03/05/2014 05:52 PM, Fred Smith wrote:
> RH seems, in their wisdom, to have settled on Gnome3 or KDE. As far as I
> can see, they aren't offering any other desktop environments.
> I can't stand Gnome3, and don't care a whole lot for KDE 4.x, though it
> doesn't irritate me the way Gnome 3 does.
> Given the new relationship between RH and Centos, are their any new
> possibilities of including (or offering as extras) things like Mate
> or Cinnamon?

Possibly. We had done a spin of XFCE in the past, and we may do so again
as well. What I'd very much like to see is a "Desktop SIG" around
exactly this sort of thing. I'd like to see Mate, or XFCE spun up and
included as a T1 repo that folks can add. This may happen within EPEL,
but if not, it would be very nice for someone in the community to spin up.

> Or will I need to roll my own (or bring 'em in from Fedora) ??

Would you consider contributing to a Desktop SIG?

> Thanks to the whole Centos team for the really good distribution.
> I hope to be with you for many more years, if I can.

We hope so too :-)

Jim Perrin
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