[CentOS-devel] Centos 7 VS Gnome 3

Thu Mar 13 14:52:26 UTC 2014
Gerry Reno <greno at verizon.net>

On 03/13/2014 10:44 AM, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 10:45:33PM -0500, Joe Brockmeier wrote:
>> On 03/07/2014 09:57 AM, Les Mikesell wrote:
>>> Another issue is that Gnome3 needs 3D and does not work with x2go (and
>>> probably freenx/nx  if that is going to be packaged).   And I almost
>>> never work directly at a console.   KDE seems to mostly work, but it
>>> is annoying to have to switch after all these years of RedHat pushing
>>> GNOME.
>> To clear something up, IIRC 7 uses GNOME Classic - not stock GNOME 3 -
>> as its default, which does *not* require 3D.
>> In the default desktop, GNOME looks a lot like GNOME 2x.
>> This isn't to say we shouldn't package Mate or Xfce or any additional
>> desktops for CentOS - but it'd be good to make sure people are moving
>> away from the defaults as an informed choice.
> GNOME Classic is a set of extensions on top of GNOME 3.  However, AIUI
> GNOME 3 doesn't require 3D hardware because there is an llvmpipe
> backend that will do software rendering on machines without capable
> hardware.  Performance may be encumbered in that case with a slower
> CPU, but should still work.

And this llvmpipe implementation does not work properly.

Even on machines with good GPU's Gnome 3 refuses to use them
and defaults many times to using llvmpipe which just totally kills performance.