[CentOS-devel] Start Cluster SIG

Tue Mar 18 16:39:27 UTC 2014
Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca>

On 18/03/14 12:26 PM, Shafiee Roozbeh wrote:
> Actually I mean HA
> my idea about this SIG is create HA Cluster spin of centos with
> installation media that has cli interface or web interface to perform
> and configure centos for HA usage.
> HA Cluster spin of centos with ISO installation media is my goal !

There are currently two supported HA stacks on CentOS; RHCS (aka 
High-Availability Add-On) which uses corosync + cman + rgmanager and 
then Pacemaker (corosync + pacemaker). If you want graphical tools, RHCS 
is probably the way to go because the 'luci' WebUI is quite mature.

Pacemaker will be the only stack in RHEL 7, but in RHEL 6, it's pretty 
new (support was just added at the end of 6.4/start of 6.5). Pacemaker 
itself is perfectly stable, but the user-friendly tools on EL6 are still 
in active development and some things like 'pcsd' don't work on EL6.

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