[CentOS-devel] how minimal is a minimal too minimal

Thu Mar 20 01:34:40 UTC 2014
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 03/19/2014 10:38 PM, Chris St. Pierre wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 4:30 PM, Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org 
> <mailto:mail-lists at karan.org>> wrote:
>     however, would this micro image be consumeable under docker ? I didnt
>     think we need a single block type file for docker images ( also, this
>     image will need a boot flag and grub to make it usable under virt,
>     that
>     again might get in the way of docker )
> I'm not entirely sure.  On the one hand, you could surely bind mount 
> it and do 'tar | docker import', but on the other hand, everything you 
> said.
> I guess I was thinking more of a general method to create a minimal 
> install (a kickstart, or a tiny package group, or whatever) rather 
> than just shipping an actual ISO.  The word "image" has become 
> overloaded in our brave new world. :)  I feel like, if we're going to 
> put in the work to create a 'micro' install, we should go the extra 
> mile to make sure that at least part of that work is applicable to LXC.
amen, brother !
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