[CentOS-devel] Is CentOS SCL EL6 still updated?

Jake Shipton jakems at fedoraproject.org
Thu Nov 20 12:46:43 UTC 2014

On 19/11/14 15:30, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On 11/18/2014 08:51 AM, Jake Shipton wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> <Snipper>
> OK,
> I as part of the previous discussions about SCLs and missing build
> requirements for the RHEL 1.2 SCL releases (etc.) .. it was decided that
> CentOS would maintain updates for the SCL packages we have already
> released.
> These include httpd24, mariadb55, mysql55, nodejs010, perl516, php54,
> postgresql92, python27, python33, ruby193, scl-utils, and v8314.
> In keeping with that, the following updates have been released:
> <Snipidy Snip Snap Snack>
> Note:  gyp-* is now required to build the latest v8314, and the gyp-*
> packages will live in the scl-utils directory with yaml-* (another
> package required for one of the SCLs) and scl-utils-*.
> These files have been released and are syncing to the mirrors ... they
> should be on mirror.centos.org within 30 minutes.
> We will continue to maintain those 12 SCLs as long as they are
> maintained upstream or until they are taken over by a SIG.  We will not
> add SCLs to CentOS-7 or any more than those 12 to CentOS-6 until a SIG
> is formed and decides what to build and maintain.
> Thanks,
> Johnny Hughes

Hi Johnny,

Thanks for your response(s) much appreciated.

I am glad to hear the current SCL repository packages will continue to
receive updates until a SIG takes them over :-).

I'll look into the SIG builds of CentOS and see if it's possible to
simply add their repositories to an existing install of CentOS for the
sole purpose of grabbing RHEL SCL packages (With the help of
yum-priorities of course) :-).

Given me a fair bit to think about though, so got some planning to do as
well :-).

It's great to hear they are updated for now though gives me a bit of
breathing space when it comes to planning and testing :-).

Thanks Again,
Jake Shipton (JakeMS)
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